Education games

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Play Masyu game

Masyu is a logic puzzle game where your goal is to draw a loop through all the circles on the board. The board consists of black and white circles. Play now

Guess the number

Play Guess the number game

Guess the right number from 1-100 Play now

Wild Animal Pairs

Play Wild Animal Pairs game

Wild Animal Pairs is a versatile game which gives fun to teens and educates the kids. This is a high quality game by Gamesrishti Studios. Play now

3D Grass Car

Play 3D Grass Car game

Control a 3d weird grass car and use your best skills to move to the target spot. Play up to 28 levels of pure car driving fun. Play now

Car Expo Match

Play Car Expo Match game

Expose the different cars, memorize their location on the board, and finally pick the match for each exposed car with 3D flipping cards. Play now

Puzzle Room Escape

Play Puzzle Room Escape game

Puzzle Room Escape is another point and click room escape game. Play now

Puzzle Bonsai: Numbers

Play Puzzle Bonsai: Numbers game

Puzzle Bonsai: Numbers is a puzzle game where you take on the challenge of combining parts of the puzzle tree to form a correct equation. One game mode Play now

Word Smash

Play Word Smash game

Word Smash is a competitive spelling game where you must create words to keep the board clear. Play now

Illustrated Sports Crossword

Play Illustrated Sports Crossword game

Jumbly Themed Crosswords presents: A puzzle for sports fans. Play now

Candy Jigsaw Tournament

Play Candy Jigsaw Tournament game

12 tasty candy shop jigsaw puzzles in this colorful jigsaw puzzle tournament. Play now

Practicas Decimales en Barra

Play Practicas Decimales en Barra game

es un juego donde los niños aprenden a identificar los decimales en una barra Play now

Dragon Bowls

Play Dragon Bowls game

Dragon Bowls is a multi-player game where players use skill and strategy to defeat there opponents in a Lawn Bowls type contest. Play now

Chemical Formulas

Play Chemical Formulas game

You know the common chemical formulas, such as H2O, HCl, NaCl, NaOH, CH4 or C2H5OH ? Play now

Fried Chicken

Play Fried Chicken game

My brother`s birthday is tomorrow and I`m freaking out because I am out of time. Play now

Drawing Tuto 2: Faces

Play Drawing Tuto 2: Faces game

Drawing game to learn and practice how to draw Manga Style faces, step by step. Play now

Chinese Zodiac 4: Rabbit

Play Chinese Zodiac 4: Rabbit game

Drawing game to learn and practice how to draw a rabbit from the Chinese Zodiac. Play now

Fruity Fruity

Play Fruity Fruity game

A beautiful memory game to match different fruits. Play now

Food Safety Tic Tac Toe Trivia

Play Food Safety Tic Tac Toe Trivia game

Diviértete con este juego de tic tac toe y contesta las preguntas de trivia para aprender cómo mantener a tu familia aún más a salvo del envenenamiento p Play now

Practicas Comparar Lineas

Play Practicas Comparar Lineas game

es un juego donde los niños aprendren a a saber identificar las fracciones Play now

Chinese Zodiac 1: Mouse

Play Chinese Zodiac 1: Mouse game

Drawing game to learn and practice how to draw a mouse from the Chinese Zodiac. Play now

Football Word Search

Play Football Word Search game

Find the American Football words in this cool free word search puzzle game. Play now