Education games

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Summer Carnival

Play Summer Carnival game

Summer Carnival is an awesome entertainer and brain teaser for kids, children and even challenge loving youngsters. Play now

Mystery Words

Play Mystery Words game

A classic word search game in crime style. Find the words hidden in the board to find a famous quotation. The words you need to search are written on the Play now


Play Tetrishapes game

Find the hidden Tetriminos in the grid using the hints. Play now

2nd Grade Math Addition

Play 2nd Grade Math Addition game

Addition Math for 2nd Grade, click on the correct answer over hundreds of problems to solve, Great for kids. Play now

Cute Puppy Pairs

Play Cute Puppy Pairs game

Match up the cute puppies in this pairs matching game. Play now


Play Quartets game

Quartets is a card game, similar to Go Fish. Play now

Golden Zero Challenge

Play Golden Zero Challenge game

Golden Zeros with levels! You'll still need to create Golden Zeros but you'll have to meet the goals of each level to complete it. Play now

Could You Pass 8th Grades Math

Play Could You Pass 8th Grades Math game

Try your math level practice 8th math test. only 10 questions you may find out easy or difficult depends on how much you spend in math study. Play now


Play look game

Five difference game. Animal theme. Be fast and earn more points. Play now

Math Man Returns

Play Math Man Returns game

Help Math Man collect all the even numbers!! Play now

Collapsed Wooden House escape

Play Collapsed Wooden House escape game

Collapsed Wooden House is point and click escape the room type game, where task is to explore Collased Wooden House, find items like 11 amulets, spheres, Play now

Animals - Classification

Play Animals - Classification game

This game helps children especially to identify the different animal classifications. Play now

24hr Clock Pairs

Play 24hr Clock Pairs game

Find the matching clocks. Play now

Santa's Scrambled Sentences

Play Santa's Scrambled Sentences game

Unscramble Santa's sentences and he will give more presents!!! Play now

deux couleurs assistant(français)

Play deux couleurs assistant(français) game

Déménagement P1 avec «bourre», mouvement P2 avec '← ↑ →, le joueur peut détruire le bloc de la même couleur. Play now

Maths Car

Play Maths Car game

Educational Action Game you will love to play .... Play now

Play Triple

Play Play Triple game

Similar to Lights-Out this game objective is to unify all the tiles on the board to have the same image on them. Either unify the board to contains Appl Play now

Hidden Kana vol.1

Play Hidden Kana vol.1 game

Search the beautiful scenery of Japan for hidden Kana language characters. The Kana covered in this lesson are the first 5 basic set. A, E, I, O, and U. Play now

Math Apocalypse

Play Math Apocalypse game

The earth has been invaded by aliens who feed from the human brain activity leaving unconscious the people. Play now

Geometry Quiz

Play Geometry Quiz game

Longing for a refreshing mathematical challenge? Take the Geometry Quiz now and see how quickly you can get the answers! Play now

sense organs

Play sense organs game

Educational game for kids about sense organs. Play now