Adventure games

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Autumn Melancholy Escape

Play Autumn Melancholy Escape game

Room Escape Game: you have to solve some clues, find key and go out. Play now


Play miniPassage game

Use your epic ninja skills to pass through all three deadly passages as fast as possible! With three passages, only a combined score will put you in the Play now

Greens Survive only when Reds Die

Sacrifice the reds to save the greens in this outstanding action/puzzle platform game. Play now

Subway simulator LVK 49

Play Subway simulator LVK 49 game

Simulator subway driver. Fun for all boys. Play now

Jumping Panda

Play Jumping Panda game

Jumping Panda is a fast paced escape and item collection game. You will get fun to make high-scores, collecting more food. Play now

Space Car

Play Space Car game

Use the Left and Right Arrow keys to move the space car ... Avoid the bricks and the Blades and come out of the maze .. Play now

Chuck The Chimp

Play Chuck The Chimp game

Adventure Game Play now

Alien Avenger

Play Alien Avenger game

The war against Aliens have begun. Help Army Man Rob destroy the aliens before they take over out planet! You have two guns to choose from. Play now

Return To Jimmy Nest

Play Return To Jimmy Nest game

Return To Jimmy Nest is a point and click adventure game where you need to help a little mouse escape various traps. Play now

Puzzle Room Escape

Play Puzzle Room Escape game

Puzzle Room Escape is another point and click room escape game. Play now

Demon Hunter ダイアナ

Play Demon Hunter ダイアナ game

The black gems have been gathered and evil is in our world. Play now

Valentines doodle

Play Valentines doodle game

Just enjoy with the doodle. Play now

Escape From Sports Room

Play Escape From Sports Room game Its a new game website. In this site we are published all our developed games daily. Play now

Ragdoll Launcher

Play Ragdoll Launcher game

Shoot with your cannon the Ragdoll as far as possible. Earn money to buy upgrades. Play now

Kick Justin Beaver

Play Kick Justin Beaver game

Try to kick Justin the Beaver back to his beaver lodge. There are a lot of power-ups and obstacles during the flight. Play now

Taxi Express

Play Taxi Express game

Drive the passengers to their destinations as quickly as possible without damaging your car. Drive carfully and stop for red traffic lights. Play now

Tuk Tuk Bangkok

Play Tuk Tuk Bangkok game

Drive your Tuk Tuk through the streets of Bangkok. Try to bring the visitors to their destination in time. Play now

Island Tribe 2

Play Island Tribe 2 game

The big adventure starts right now, let's play and enjoy, let's follow the tribe in the great trip in search of home-place! Play now

Quick Jumper

Play Quick Jumper game

Evade enemies through quick movement and short ranged teleportation. Attempt to reach the portal at the end of each of the 56 levels. Play now

Strong ball LK 28

Play Strong ball LK 28 game

Keep the ball in the air as long as possible and collect points. Play now

Nature Photography - Find the Numbers

Play Nature Photography - Find the Numbers game Its a new game website. In this site we are published all our developed games daily. Play now