Teen games

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The Cursed Palace

Play The Cursed Palace game

After receive a transmission from Dr.Karen, you head to an ancient fortress in an effort to rescue her. Play now

Special Combat Operation 2

Your helicopter crashed at urban war zone and your mission is to use your machine gun to shoot all enemy soldiers on your way to the extraction point. Play now

Monster Hitter 2

Play Monster Hitter 2 game

Monsters are coming! Can you stop the monsters on this 44 level game? This time with even more monsters to hit back to the darkness! Play now

Run Run Ran

Play Run Run Ran game

Run, Slide , Jump , Shoot , beat epic Boss. If thats not enough, transform into lycan to kill enemies and destroy all items . Play now

Man Soldier

Play Man Soldier game

You are man soldier and your mission is to destroy enemy forces and take cover to survive. Play now


Play Bloxxings game

Bloxxings is a mixture of a typical avoider game and a collector game. Play now


Play MotoRabbit game

Laser-eyed rabbit on wheels races egg throwing jetpack dinosaur towards the interstellar portal. Play now

Billiards maximus

Play Billiards maximus game

In game 15 balls and the cue ball. Cue ball - a ball that is a game any other object balls. The winner is the player who scored the 8 ball. Play now

Shotgun vs Zombies

Play Shotgun vs Zombies game

Upgrade your gun & kill all zombies... Play now

NYC Mafiosi

Play NYC Mafiosi game


Sandcastle Showdown

Play Sandcastle Showdown game

Oh no noes! They wanne destroy your sandcastle. Better get some big guns and defend it! Play now

Demons vs Fairyland

Play Demons vs Fairyland game

In this game, we tried to put together our favorite features in the TDs we love (Cursed Treasure, Kingdom Rush, Gemcraft…) as well as some ideas of our o Play now


Play DeadStand game

A zombie plague has been released to the world. Can you defend the city from zombie invasion? Place towers to stop the zombies from entering the city. Play now

Gangster vs Zombie II

Play Gangster vs Zombie II game

In the fighting game gangster VS zombies II you must make sure all the enemy units of each wave will be destroyed. Play now


Play Gornax game

Avoid death and humiliation in front of millions by defeating Gornax, the big giant crab. Play now

Empty Asylum

Play Empty Asylum game

You were finally talked into going in the empty asylum by your close friend. Play now

Bieber Brawl

Play Bieber Brawl game

Bieber is back with more annoying music polluting our airwaves. It is your job to bash him into oblivion! Play now

Zombies vs Penguins

Play Zombies vs Penguins game

The Penguins are back to get rid of Mayan Zombies and prevent the foretold Arctic Armageddon! Play now

Horror Plant 2

Play Horror Plant 2 game

Horror plant is back! Enter the secret tree house and kill all dwarfs in this point and click adventure game! Play now

Siegius Arena

Play Siegius Arena game

Fight in arena battles and upgrade your gladiator in this Action-RPG about betrayal and revenge. Play now

Indie Music Manager

Play Indie Music Manager game

Music is a risky business. Can you manage the egos, scandals and fans as well as the glamour of being an Indie Music Manager? Play now